Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six months old, plus a little

Shortly after Christmas the three of us headed off to the pediatrician for the last routine check up of 2011.

Weighing in at a staggering 17 lbs 7 ounces, Asha is firmly above average and growing at a rapid pace. Nearly 27 inches long (or is it tall - maybe we switch terms once she starts standing) also puts her above average. Zuleika thinks she'll be taller than me someday, but I think that's a bit further down the road. Lots of shots, a bit of crying, but a good and healthy baby she is.

We had limited success with the infant rice cereal, but she took to the oatmeal much better...

And then she helped us ring out the New Year (quite before midnight, as you can imagine)

Continued feedings of oatmeal and various orange and green vegetables has been met with great success. Zuleika even whipped up a rather significant batch of homemade sweet potatoes. We're continuing down the path of stage 1 foods until we get through our sampler platter we've assembled. By this time next month we should be on to the stage 2 foods.

Speaking of this time next month, Asha is definitely making a play for either sitting up on her own or crawling. She enjoys the playful sit-ups we do together but she's been working those legs trying to get the coordination down to motor around the loft on her own.

Interestingly, while it might seem naive to think she's headed to get the iPad, she really is. She's become quite aware of the various gadgets and things that Zuleika and I use around her, including but not limited to the remote control and my Blackberry...

Christmas Extravaganza

First, the shopping. Really the only gift Zuleika and I chose for her first Christmas.

And she was so excited about the trip . . .

Christmas, on the other hand, was nearly non-stop exciting.

An hilarious inflatable penguin, a la the Bozo bop toy of old

And a rather robust entertainment center for her enjoyment over the next few months...

But of course, Christmas isn't Christmas without all the family that came up to visit us. Check out the matching onesies my wife picked up for us.

And abuelo

And a grandma

And after chomping away at various things . . .

It was time to sack out for the day

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rolling over, giggling, and more

Worst blogger ever I suppose. Three months goes by and so many things happen along the way.

Asha was baptized on November 13th along with three other children. She had a lovely outfit and some lovely accessories that may or may not be visible at times - a bracelet (or anklet) and a bonnie hat.

She's eating like a champ. Our last doctor's visit, almost a month ago, had her at 50%/75%/50% percentile for length, weight, and head size. 15lbs 2ozs. I'm guessing she's up to 16 by now. We've given her a little rice mixed in with formula and she seemed to tolerate that pretty well. We haven't quite gotten to that being a regular part of her diet, but surely by Christmas time she'll be familiar with a spoon.

Not quite sitting up on her own yet, but if you prop her up, she's raring to go. I've already lost my favorite chair to her on occasion. She'll learn soon enough, though, that the remote is mine mine mine.

We've taken a few trips out of the house - a friend's for lunch and a cookout. Asha isn't quite ready for too much stimulation. We'll see how Thanksgiving goes with all the family tomorrow. She'll get to show off how she can roll over from back to stomach and back again. She may great some people with a "hi", though I'm not sure she knows what that means just yet. And if right now is any indication, she can demonstrate rocking herself in the bouncy chair (or calling for the football snap) by banging her leg down. She likes attention and that's my excuse for not posting more often...

My current phone background:

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two months, plus or minus a day

Yesterday was Asha's second visit to the pediatrician. She weighs 11 pounds 5 ounces, putting her squarely in the 50th percentile for weight. She's a little on the size side, both length and head circumference are in the 25th percentile. Three jabs and a squirt of something else and she's all caught up on vaccinations. Well, for the next two months she's up to date at least. Everything else is up to snuff in terms of developmental goals, not that there are many at this age.

It's been relatively smooth sailing over the last two months. Asha is pretty much content doing the same things she did a month ago - sleep in the crib, sleep in the bouncy chair (God-send invention), suck down a bottle, and soil diapers left and right. Tummy time is still not the most pleasant time for her, but she's definitely getting stronger and moving along those milestones that we all watch for.

She's drinking the soy-based formula now. It seems to cause less issues for her little intestines than the alternatives we worked through. I think that's the fifth different formula we tried. Drinking anywhere from 24 to 27 ounces of fluid is how she's managed to gain basically an ounce of weight per day.

We switched over from disposables to pre-fold cloth diapers. They're not nearly as much work as I had anticipated, although once we start venturing out into the world it is somewhat more complicated than the throwaways. Laundry is easy. The smell is as contained as it was before, so no worries on that front. Probably the only downside right now, other than the cleanup on the "dirty" ones, is the lack of absorption. She might be sleeping longer at night but we think the cloth just gets too soaked to continue to ignore. Of course, she's still eating when she wakes up at 2am, so maybe it's all just coincidental. I'm told there are special super-absorption disposables for nighttime wear. We may have to give those a try in a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

We moved her up in onesie sizes to the 3-6 month, so she does have some exciting new outfits although she generally spends most of her time in the all-white Gerber onesies. They're super-thin and depending on her screaming episodes, we think she may be fussy when she overheats so the cheapy onesies actually work out well for that.

Pictures. Ah, there are more pictures coming. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Fortnight Later, plus a little

Well, time certainly escapes Mom and Dad at times. Three weeks ago we went into the doctor's office and three weeks ago tomorrow we were blessed with Asha.

What's happened over the last two weeks? A lot of diaper changing and a lot of formula recycled through the little one.

We've been to the doctor twice for both Zuleika and Asha. Here Asha is with the woman who brought her into the world.

The first wellness check at the pediatricians, Asha was 6lbs 11ozs, so right at the midpoint between her birth weight and her discharge weight. A week later and we went back to find she was at 7lbs 7ozs. She's getting herself some nice chubby cheeks going.

The local family stops by on a pretty regular basis, particularly when Dad's away at school or work. Asha seems to do well with just about everyone. The dogs really don't bother her either, even when they bark in the morning for their feeding.

And, I think it was yesterday at 2am, her umbilical cord popped off, so she's working on a good old fashioned belly button now.

We're not due back to the pediatrician's for another month, but it wouldn't surprise me if she was 10lbs by then.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First visit to the Pediatrician (well, the nurse anyway)

This afternoon Asha ventured out into the world for the first time since returning home. Dad went and got the car seat installation checked out. A+ for installation, B for usage - apparently the strap in the front is very easy to adjust and tighten up once baby is partially secured. Who knew? And the truck actually has the super special car seat installation hooks (LATCH), although only if it the seat is situated directly behind one of the two front seats (not the middle). I suppose you could do it that way, if whoever is riding in front can be scrunched up as close to the dash as possible.

Today's weight: 6lbs 11ozs. I believe the discharge weight was 6lbs 8.5ozs, so she is definitely headed in the right direction. By this time next week she should be above her birth weight, which is a good sign for her first real visit to the Pediatrician.

Start of Day 5

I headed off to class last night, and though Zuleika's parents came for a bit, there was a brief time when we went down to just one person covering the newborn. That would be the first time since she was born where there weren't a handful of people at her beck and call. Mom and baby did great and by the time I got home, the house was quite peaceful.

Last night certainly went better than the first night. Monday night was pretty chaotic. We had no routine. She was in a new and unfamiliar place. Suffice to say, neither Zuleika nor I got much sleep that night.

I know not everyone gets a video baby monitor, but for first time parents it can be both a blessing and a curse. It's certainly easy to watch it and worry about every little movement or non-movement. Although, I suppose, it's also better than hearing a noise on the audio monitor and running in to see what's going on. At the very least, the night vision component is pure technology-awesome.

We've switched back to disposables for the time being. We started out buying the one size fits all two piece system, with the inner piece being a traditional cloth insert. The "newborn" size we skipped in favor of the "normal" size, which is supposed to be for 8lbs and up. Asha was 7 when she was born and I think came home at 6lbs 9ozs. Either way, the cloth inserts we have are enormous for her body size. We're thinking not only is it a comfort issue but it might be what was helping her lean hard to one side, as the back half of the cloth insert rode considerably up the length of her back. So, Pampers swaddlers it is. We'll switch back to the cloth when her size warrants. For the two days we used them, we really didn't have any issues other than the bulkiness. The sprayer attachment made quick work of the serious issues coming out and the load of laundry I put through came out crisp and looking brand new.

Today is a big day. Dad gets to take the truck and car seat over for an official inspection to make sure he installed it correctly. Then it's off to the pediatrician for the first visit post-discharge. I think it's just with the nurses and just a weigh-in, but we'll see.